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( Source : Japan Islamic Center )

        Japanese Version   



Some of the essential characteristics of a Muslim are :

*  to be humble and not boastful

*  to be truthful and trustful to carry out his actions in accordance to Islam

*  must show mercy and tenderness to others ( Muslims and non-Muslims )

*  to help those in distress even though he is not asked to do so

*  to be forgiving with others even though he was treated badly by them

*  to show patience at all time

*  should not be arrogant, slandering anybody

*  should not avoid another Muslims for more than three days if he has differences with them

*  should not be suspicious of others, speaking evil of others behind their back

*  should not speak loudly, or be harsh or rude to others

*  should not disgrace or revile another's beliefs or character directly or indirectly

*  should be careful not to say anything that might give offence or be passed on, and perhaps misquoted. Subjects that might lead to embarrassment should be avoided

*  should not disgrace or revile himself

*  should never allow others to tell him bad things about third person, for it is better to meet and mix with others with no ill-feelings. If he hears people talking unjustly about others, it is his duty to defend the person spoken about

*  should not eavesdrop on the private conversation of others