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Career Objective

To be part of a dynamic and  progressive organization. To gain experience and to fully utilize my capabilities in ensuring a better future far in the organization I am committed to. To obtain an entry-level position requiring all my background study, strong analytical and organizational skills in the engineering department.

Personal Characteristics

I have been described as a caring and responsible person. I am able to perform well, both in group and individual work situations. I am also capable of handling leadership related responsibilities but at the same time I am willing to follow an able leader. I am fast learner, and can easily adapt to various work situations. 


Name : Zuhaidi Bin Abdullah

Sex : Male

Date Of Birth : 17th August 1976

Status : Single

Nationality : Malaysia

Address in Japan : 108 Okabesou, 1-17-1 Higashi Tamagawa, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo 158-0084, Japan.

Address in Malaysia : Simpang Empat Rekang, 16300 Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Phone Number in  Japan  :  +81-3-3720-3049 (Home)

                                              +81-3-5734-2110 (Sekiguchi Laboratory)

Email :



Completed the Bachelor Course on March 26, 2000 with the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in International Development Engineering with focusing on Chemical Engineering Course at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo.

Present University : Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo

Major : International Development Engineering

Minor : Chemical Engineering

Expected to complete the Master Course on March 26, 2002 with the degree of Master of Engineering.

Computer Skills

Well-versed with the Windows 98 and multimedia PC environment in word processingfs software (MS WORD) , spread sheets (MS EXCEL) and presentation creator (MS POWERPOINT) , HYSIS.Plant/Process., KaleidaGraph,  HTML, Netscape, MSIE and  other Internet applications, Adobe Photoshops and other Windows applications. I am also familiar with the internet environment. 

Related Courseworks

Bachelor Course : Used plasma dielectric barrier discharge in order to improve  the adsorption ability of activated carbon. We used plasma treated activated carbon on adsorption of the arsenic. When the activated carbon is treated by plasma, the pH of the activated carbon decreased and the mesopore volume increased. From the result of arsenic adsorption experiment we could see slightly improvement of adsorption properties.

Master Course : -------in progress ( cannot mention here )-------

Language Proficiencies

Proficient and competent  in spoken and written Malay, Japanese and English.

Additional Information

Extracurricular Activities : Being a Representative of  Japan UMNO Club (one of the Malaysian Student Club in Japan) from 1997 to 1998 and Auditor of Japan UMNO Club from 2000 to 2001. Participating actively in outdoor and indoor sport activities especially soccer, badminton, bowling and table tennis.

Hobbies/Interests : Movie, music, net surfing and mountain climbing.


1) Professor Hidetoshi SEKIGUCHI

    Associate Professor,

    Department of Chemical Engineering,

    Tokyo Institute of  Technology

    Phone : +81-3-57342110

    E-mail :


2) Professor Hirofumi HINODE

    Associate Professor,

    Department of International Development Engineering,

    Tokyo Institute of  Technology

    Phone : +81-3-57343320

    E-mail :